The Wastes

A Weird West game set in the early 1900s. The players take on the role of investigators looking into a series of horrific occurrences. The game will use to systems one heavily gameist a second that is heavily narrativist.

Setting: Sometime in the late 21st centuary Earth is conquered by godlike personifcations of concepts like entropy, war, murder, technolgy, lust, this entities have mutated the vast majority of the planet’s followers into their twisted servants as the fight for dominance.

The results of this war has caused psychic radiation to travel back in time and transform the world around it. The result is the apperance of bizzare cults, horrible mutant abominations and the slow destruction of an indvidual’s sanity.

In this world an individual’s actions will slowly being to transform them physically as they knowingly or unknowninlg begin to tap into the psychic fallout of one of the gods. For example a gunfighter might start to have trouble controlling his violent impulses then one day might wake up to find one of his eyes has become an oversized glowing red hole that lets him see the best place to aim to kill any living thing he comes across. The more he submidts to these impulses the more intense the mutations will become, he might start growing organic bullets from his own body or become able to deliver a powerful gunshot simply by touching someone for example.

The effect is called The Burn.

Charcter Creation System:
Characters have three atributes Physical (Ph) Mental (Me) and Psychic (Ps) each rated is rated -3 to 3 with possible increases in either direction based on enhancements.

Players divide up 2 points between these attributes that start at zero, and may earn more by lowering them below zero.

Players then chose to follow one of three tracks based on these attributes. Each of these track then branches off into three additional tracks Rigid, Fluid and Dynamic.

Rigid based character develop their abilities through concrete schools of thought and training programs. In the physical track this manifests as The Martial Society a secret organization devoted to eliminating all remenants of The Burn through strict martial displine. On the Mental track this takes the form of the Collegiate an ancient institution devoted to studying The Burn and Psychic track takes the form of the Arcanum a sorcerous society devoted to channeling The Burn for their own ends. When using skills that file under their chosen track Rigid characters double their skill roll for when they roll a six, but also add two checks next to their skill for each six rolled.

Dynamic characters are the middle ground between rigid and fluid. They are the product of established training. Physical characters are capable of impressive acts of prowess, gunplay, athletics, fist fighting. Mental dynamic characters are skilled in wide number of areas languages, sciences, art. Psychic dynamic characters have devloped specefic abilities for controlling The Burn. When using skills related to their Track Dynaic characters reroll skills on a 5 and a 6, although only add a check on roll of a six.

Fluid characters channel The Burn directly without any ability to filter it, for this reason they tend to either wildly suceed or wildly fail with destructuve results either way. They tend to burn very brightly but not for very long. Physical charcters are capalbe of amazing feats of strength and agility without the skill or focus associated with experts in those area. Fluid characters on the Mental Track are capable of amazing insights but lack any formal training. While, Psychic characters are devestating magic-users with litle control over their abilities. Fluid characters roll two dice and both results when they roll a six but when they roll a one they roll another die and subtract the result.

The Wastes

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