Mistè - Background

An Adventure! campaign set on the Latin American island of Mistè during the Banana Wars period from 1914-1933.

The players take on the role of treasure hunters, smugglers and adventurers living in a small coastal town called Kras. The island has several small cities and a capital, Koripsyon. Its population is made up of a combination of former slaves who are both largely impoverished and the the nation’s majority, the descendants of the original European settlers who are largely wealthy and recent arrivals from around the world.

Recently the island nation has seen its prospects on the rise, it has shown to have many excellant locations for developing large plantations, as well as a rich source of oil and mineral deposits. This has attracted the interest of number of American bussiness interests including the very powerful National Tobbaco Company and several international banking organizations, such as the Hermes Group. The involvement of both of these organizations has lead to the involvment of the United States goverment who has deployed the Marines to help protect their citizen’s bussiness interests, in the same way they are deployed in nearby nations such as Haiti, the Domincan Republic, Cuba, Nicaragua and Honduras.

Legitimate bussinesses aren’t the only ones taking an interest in the island. Its combination of relatively lawlessness and fertile soil have made it an attractive location for growing a number of controlled substances as well as smuggling booze into a prohibition strapped America.

Also, American criminal organizations have already begun taking advantage of Korpisyon’s tropical climate, lack of regulations and easy access to drugs and alchol as impetus to begun building a number of casinos and resorts. Representaives of American mobsters Lucky Luciano and Arnold Rothstein have diveded up most of the bussiness in the region and because of the alliance between two gangsters their agents Hiram Black (Rothstein) and Raoul Blanc (Luciano).

But Blanc hates selling his booze to Black’s bussinesses at a steep discount and by all acounts has a hair-trigger temper.

For Black, who is much older, this is considered a retirement job. A reward for a lifetime of loyalty. But Black has a young wife who wishes to keep happy and has recently been letting Dr. Conrad extended his life and even enhance his hitters.

Other criminal organizations include the White Cloth Society, once a secret-society dedicated to over throwing slavery it has become corrupt and now battles the American Syndicates for control of Korpisyon and the outlying cities.

The White Cloth Society started out as a number of secret societies who claim with the help of the Lespri Bon overthrew the white slavers. However, after decades in power the former slave-run governments have become corrupt and the White Cloth Society has fallen to infighting especially after the disaperance of its greatest post-slavery John Jesus LaBorde, in a violent battle with a rival faction last year.

Mistè - Background

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